e-Day 19th September 2014


e-Day has been announced as 19th September 2014, the date from which central Government, local authorities and State agencies stop issuing and accepting cheques from businesses.

The particular focus of e-Day is to encourage SMEs to migrate from cheque usage as they are an expensive means of payment for businesses because of bank charges, stamp duty, postage, time spent making lodgments, and unpaid cheques; businesses are migrating away from cheque usage and opting for more efficient payment methods instead.

e-Day will move this process along while reducing costs for businesses.

Business customers currently using cheques
Coinciding with e-Day Revenue is actively promoting the use of alternatives to cheque payments as outlined above; those business customers currently paying or receiving refunds by cheque are advised to prepare for e-Day.

ROS customers can nominate bank accounts for payments and refunds by selecting the "Manage Bank Accounts" option on their My Services tab; alternatively business customers can contact ROS Payment Support Unit at 1890 226 336 to discuss payment solutions with the Revenue Commissioners.


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