Tax relief on Dental Expenses


Which dental expenses qualify for tax relief?
Tax relief is available in respect of "non-routine dental treatment" where an individual claiming relief has a Form Med 2 (Dental) which is signed and certified by the dental practitioner.

Routine dental treatment is not allowable i.e. the extraction, scaling and filling of teeth and the provision and repairing of artificial teeth or dentures. 

Dental treatments for which tax relief is allowable:

1.  Crowns;
2.  Veneers/Rembrandt Type Etched Fillings;
3.  Tip Replacing;
4.  Gold Posts/Fibreglass posts;
5.  Gold Inlays;
6.  Endodontics - Root Canal Treatment;
7.  Periodontal Treatment;
8.  Orthodontic Treatment;
9.  Surgical Extraction of Impacted Wisdom Teeth; and
10. Bridgework.

Non-rountine detantal treatment outside the State
Non-routine dental treatment obtained outside the State may be allowed provided the dentist is a qualified practitioner (i.e. entitled under the laws of the country in which the care is provided to practise dentistry there).

Claiming tax relief
Tax relief must be claimed within 4 years of the tax year in which treatment was received; for assistance with making a claim, please contact a member of our professional Team on +353 74 912 2820 or email us at:


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