LPT Employer information

Property owners can opt to pay their Local Property Tax (LPT) for 2013 in one single payment or to phase their payments over the period July to December 2013;  one of the phased payment options being made available is deduction at source from salary or occupational pension.


Employers/pension providers will be required to make this facility availableto their employees/pensioners from July 2013 onwards and where this payment optionis chosen by a property owner, Revenue will notify the employer/pension providerto deduct LPT from the owner’s net salary/occupational pension.


The employer/pension provider must commence deductions of LPT from July 2013 and spread these deductions evenly over the pay periods occurring between July and December 2013; they will be required to account for and remit the deducted LPT to Revenue on Form P30. 

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