Employment Equality Acts 1998 - 2015 (EEA)


The law which deals with discrimination in the workplace is the Employment Equality Acts 1998-2015 (EEA).

Every employee is entitled to be treated equally in relation to work and jobs and discrimination is prohibited on nine specified grounds:

(1) Gender - if you are a woman, a man, a transgender person or an intersex person;

(2) Civil status - whether or not you are single, married, separated, divorced, widowed or in a civil partnership;

(3) Family status - if you are the parent or person responsible for a child under 18 or if you are the main carer or parent of a person with a disability who needs ongoing care;

(4) Sexual orientation - whether or not you are gay, lesbian, bisexual or heterosexual;

(5) Religion - no matter what your religious beliefs are or if you have no religious beliefs;

(6) Age - whatever your age, as long as you are over the legal school-leaving age;

(7) Race - no matter what race you belong to or what colour your skin is or your nationality or ethnic background;

(8) Traveller community - if you are a member of the Traveller community; or

(9) Disability - if you have a disability.

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